Our Products

Kruger develops and manufactures a diverse selection of high-quality specialty papers including coated one-side paper (C1S), densified release paper, oil- and grease-resistant paper, kraft and extrusion base.

Technology that makes all the difference

Our specialty papers are manufactured with Kruger’s patented cellulose filaments, which are mechanically extracted from wood pulp fibre without the use of chemicals or enzymes. The result is a product with improved strength, stability, flexibility and resistance. Good for you. Great for the environment.

KruKraft Natural

Introducing KruKraft Natural, the cleanest and strongest paper made from 100% recycled post-consumer content. No post-industrial content, no exception.
Through a unique, proprietary manufacturing process, our Kruger Specialty Papers team was able to make KruKraft Natural as clean and strong as paper made from virgin materials.


As the pressure sensitive market continues to move toward bigger and faster equipment, Kruger Specialty Papers’s team continues to work with printers and converters to ensure our SCK release base delivers exceptional value. KruRelease offers superior smoothness, dimensional stability and compatibility across a wide range of silicone systems. What’s more, our fibre integration provides us extensive control over raw materials, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.


KruBase is our uncoated paper for all your laminating or extruding needs. When you need a cost-effective, consistent, strong, lightweight, high-performance, uncoated sheet with exceptional lay flat look no further that KruBase. Available in natural or bleached, KruBase is ideal for stand-up pouches, sugar packets, oatmeal pouches, chewing gum, candy and a host of other applications.


Available in natural or bleached, KruGrease is the cost-effective oil-and-grease resistant packaging paper that delivers unequalled structural integrity and versatility. It’s the perfect solution for the demanding requirements of fast food restaurants, delis, industrial applications and retail food outlets.
Ideal for theater and microwave popcorn bags and quick service food including french fry and hash brown bags, sandwich wraps, basket liners, hot dog bags, hamburger boxes, carry-out bags, auto masking, and more.  

Available in Kit levels up to 11.


KruKraft is available in bleached or natural formats and offers uncompromising structural integrity, outstanding glueability and excellent runnability.

Manufactured to deliver superior strength and excellent packaging performance, KruKraft is ideal for bread bags, oatmeal pouches, lightweight packaging applications, pharmacy bags, candy packaging and more.


KruC1S delivers structural integrity, exceptional print performance across a wide range of printing processes, and an unparalleled durability you can trust in every time.

It’s the perfect choice for a variety of packaging applications including stand up pouches, tea pouches, ready-to-eat meal lids, and all your C1S applications.